fiori   di   fenice….

                                          …..phoenix  flowers!

Amaryllis thrive on neglect. Water them once every 7-10 days, dependant on how hot and dry your house is. Let them dry out slightly between waterings. Counterintuitive to what you would think, the more light you give them, the shorter they will grow. In low light situations you may need to stake your amaryllis. When the flowering is completely done, continue watering on the usual schedule. Pull off the spent stems by holding the bulb and pulling the stem firmly up (it will just pop out from the bulb) this is better than cutting the stem off as that will allow bacteria to enter the bulb. In the Spring grow in sun to semi-sun. When summer comes, begin to fertilize with a 'miracle grow' type fertilizer. I think this method gives a higher chance to bloom rather than making them go dormant and trying to bring them back in the Fall.

Awesome Amaryllis....