fiori   di   fenice….

                                          …..phoenix  flowers!

August 31st, Well, I guess its been a very long time since I updated the site. I generally post on facebook when I'll be in the market. For those of you who are watching, I will be in the market on Saturday with a few lilies. I'm planning on leaving a bit early....about 4pm. I don't have many Orientals so if you simply 'must have,' Send me an email to reserve. Stop by and see us. Sharon
May 11th, Well it's "Mothers Day Eve," I will be in the market with your flowers, despite the gloomy forecast for weather. I still have a wonderful selection of tulips, bright and sunny. For mom or your sweetheart I have a beautiful, fragrant lilies in yellow, raspberry, white and several shades of pink. There will also be a full array of hyacinth. See you tomorrow, rain or shine! Sharon
April 27th, Another beautiful day promised in NYC; another beautiful TULIP filled day! With so many different varieties it's difficult to choose just one. As always, there are many parrots, fringed and double peony flowering ones. The lilies are simply perfection this time of year, large, voluptous stems just filled with buds. The hyacinth selection is complete with 2 deep and 1 periwinkle blue, whites, 2 pinks, bright purple and of course, baby duck. See you tomorrow, Sharon
April 20th, This week I will be traveling light due to the weather........ if you call 18 different varieties of tulips light!! Fringed, Doubles, Black and White, you name it, you'll find it! Nice selection of lilies as well. I have a new bright pink, blush, reds, creamsicle and the standard Conca's, Raspberry and whites. We still have a full selection of colors in hyacinth, perfect for that small spot in your home that needs a little punch. They are especially wonderful in a bathroom, when you turn on the steamy shower, the fragrance fills the room for that home spa feel. See you tomorrow, Sharon
April 13th, Saturday. For the EARLY BIRD ....a special treat! I will once again be bringing down 20, YES TWENTY, different varieties of tulips. Supplies are limited so get here early! I have 3 different colors of double fringe to offer. You can also find several of the double peony/poppy flowering varieties as well. Stop by, camera in tow, just to take a look if you like. This time of year the lilies and hyacinth take a back seat because I'm so excited about the tulips but I have many gorgeous varieties of these as well. The raspberry lilies and conca's are still huge! There are whites, blush, magenta and creamsicle as well. As always you can always choose from a full array of color in hyacinth. See you tomorrow, Sharon
April 6, 2013 5:30 at night and I'm still cutting tulips. This week I will have more than 20 different varieties - but again, not a lot of each. There is a full selection of Hyacinth; perfect if you just need a little something for your desk at work. Naturally, in lilies I have the Conca's, raspberry and whites in full supply. I also have a few of the other colors as well....including the orange 'creamsicle' variety. Hope to see you out there tomorrow, it promises to be a lovely day, Sharon
March 23rd, it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day tomorrow. I will be in the market with a gorgeous selection of lilies, tulips and hyacinth for your Holiday table. I am also making a nice assortment of mixed bunches so stop on by! See you tomorrow, Sharon
March 9th, Sorry I haven't kept up with the website too well. For beautiful tulip pics stop by the facebook page of the same name. It's time for HOLLAND IN NEW YORK! This week I will be bringing down 20 Unique varieties of tulips, though not a lot of each so get there early for the best selection! I have several new double "peony" flowering varieties, 4 different parrots, a multitude of fringed ones, including the coveted 'double fringe' ones, a black/purple one and several different colors of the traditional varieties...ties. Not to be missed for sure. The yellow, white and raspberry lilies are still huge. Make sure you have a substantial vase to support them. Hyacinth will be available in all colors, including 'baby duck.' I have also made some ready to go bunches of lilies, hyacinth and tulips, be sure to look for these! I'm excited to have a beautiful day in the market, I hope you are too. See you tomorrow, Sharon
 February 16th, Hello Everyone, It looks like we're going to make a run for it! The weather promises to be a balmy 39 degrees. In case you missed them on Wednesday, I have a nice selection of "peony flowering" tulips for tomorrow. These are the ones that bloom with multiple petals (check out the pics in a previous post) I will have them in raspberry, red, along with taxicab and butter yellow. I will also have the traditional purple and white Rembrandt tulips. If lilies are what you desire, I have some of the biggest I've ever grown. Search your house for the largest vase you have! I also have plenty of hyacinth. The weather being what it is, make sure to stop by since we have no way to know what next week's weather will bring. See you tomorrow, Sharon.
Sorry I haven't done much to update this site recently. Don't forget, you can go the facebook page of the same name. I keep that one more current since it's easier to navigate.

This week is not looking good for flowers at this point, it promises to be much too cold for you to get them home alive. I will keep you posted as the week progresses. 
December 1st, I will be in the market this Saturday with many new varieties of amaryllis. Along with the double whites and reds, I have several new bright pinks, orange and greens.....some of the best I have to offer of the Dutch amaryllis. I have a full selection of Oriental lilies and L.A.'s as well. This week I will have a few bud bunches since so many of you asked last week. See you tomorrow, Sharon
November 17th, I WILL BE BACK IN UNION SQUARE THIS SATURDAY. After a trying few weeks for all of New York, the farm markets have been restored to their original location. There are still a few folks I haven't heard from since the storm...maybe this weekend. With the holiday around the corner, I'm hoping all are safe and well.
I have a beautiful selection of Oriental lilies, L. A. Hybrids and Amaryllis for the weekend. Flowers purchased on Saturday will be in perfect bloom for the holiday table. Don't forget to pick up a long lasting Amaryllis for your holiday host too! See you tomorrow, Sharon
November 3rd, As I'm sure you know by now, there will be no market at Union Square this weekend. The park continues to be used as a command center for relief efforts and restoration of power. Far more important at this time. You are in my thoughts as you struggle through all of this. Hoping to see your lives return to some level of normalcy soon. See you as soon as I can, Sharon
October 27th, Rain or Shine I will be in the market on Saturday. This week I have a few new amaryllis to add to an already beautiful selection of varieties. Each are doubles, meaning petaled all the way to the center, in pink, red and a round petaled white. African amaryllis are the finest to be found this time of year - the color choices and bulb quality are unparalleled. As always for you lily-lovers I have a color choice for each of you! As I posted on Wednesday the orange L.A.'s have finally come into bloom along with two deep reds and the whites. Hope to see you tomorrow, Sharon
October 20th, Hello All, I will be in the market on Saturday, it promises to be an absolutely beautiful day for flowers. This week I have several new amaryllis. There is a brand new YELLOW variety - the perfect fall color for you collectors out there. I also have several different reds, both single petaled and double petaled varieties along with a gorgeous chartreuse. When in full bloom, the double white amaryllis looks like a mound of luscious meringue. As though that weren't enough, I have a full selection of large, robust lilies. Hope to see you tomorrow, Sharon
October 6th, September went so quickly and now Fall is upon us; to celebrate, I will be offering the first of the non-fragrant lilies, the L.A. Hybrids. This week I will have a white that begins its bloom in a beautiful chartreuse and a very deep red. Look for more fall colors in the coming week - this is just the beginning. I will also be bringing down a few of the very first exotic African amaryllis - this week in a double white and a double red and white. These amaryllis last a month and better in bloom, making them a great value. You can expect to see many beautiful new varieties added to the lineup. As always, I have a diverse selection of the fragrant oriental lilies in colors ranging from blush to raspberry and two 'shock your eyes' pinks. I also have Conca's, creamsicle, cherry pie and some whites so stop by. This will likely be the last week for the hydrangea so if your looking for the perfect flower to dry to last the coming year, these are sure to delight. Many of the blooms are literally as big as your head! See you tomorrow, Sharon.
September 28th, The cooler Fall weather have the lilies growing big and strong. I will be in the market this weekend with a beautiful selection. "Cherry Pie" is back along with creamsicle, apricot, blush pink and the Conca's. I also have several different whites and the lilies with the vanilla fragrance. The colchicum bulbs will be available only this week and next so if you planned to bring one home, now is the time. See you tomorrow, Sharon.
September 15th, I will be in the market on Saturday with a beautiful mix of lilies. I'm very sad, the delphinium are coming to a close. Get there early if this is your heart's desire. (I know it is mine, no flower ever brought me greater joy than these) True blue in a flower is rare, to see my front lawn covered warms me fully. I hope you have enjoyed them. I will also have rosy hydrangea with stems up to 5ft. long. Done right, these blooms will last well into the winter. You can also find the much sought after colchicum bulb at my table. This is the amazing little bulb that blooms with no water or soil. Check out my customer photo page for some beautiful pics sent in by Lisa from NYC. Beautiful flowers, beautiful pics, exquisite setting. See you tomorrow, Sharon
September 8th, I must admit, I had a very nice weekend off last week --great Bar-B-Que with friends and family. Hope you enjoyed the same. I will be down this Saturday with a beautiful assortment of lilies. The gigantic whites are nearly done for the season so if you haven't yet tried them, I would do so in the next couple of weeks. I also have Conca's, Creamsicle, Blush pink, and two different reds. The delphiniums continue to amaze. I will have several stems of the largest ones along with some mixed bunches with the smaller stems. I just adore this crop! I nearly forgot, the colchicum are ready. You remember these, the bulb that you simply place on a dish - no water, no soil - simply enchanting. See you tomorrow, Sharon
August 18th, I will be returning to the market this weekend with a fresh crop of lilies!! I will also have a great selection of delphinium in all shades of blue, purple and mauve. These things are amazing, with a little TLC they just keep blooming. With some of the smaller delphinium I have combined them with lilies, sedum and Echinacea to make stunning mixed bunches. Hope to see you there, Sharon
August 10th, Hello folks, I just wanted to let you know I will not be in the market this weekend, on Saturday the 11th, I just don't have enough in bloom this week. Sorry for any inconvenience, see you next weekend, Sharon.
August 4th, I will be in the market this weekend, though not with large quantity. Stop by early to get the best selection. I have several pinks, blush, whites along with the citrus and vanilla scented varieties. Til tomorrow, Sharon
July 21st,  Nearly finished preparing for the market, figured I'd better post now lest it slip past me again. This week I will have 19 different lily varieties. There are four very different whites. It will be the last week for "the pearl," of the summer trials - so if you haven't tried this one, this is your last chance. I have several intense pinks, blushes and the Conca's. I also have the vanilla and citrus scented varieties. See you tomorrow, Sharon
July 7th, Hello All, Sorry to say I will not be in the market tomorrow, July, 7th. The weather promises to be just too hot. My suggestion: find a cool place to hide! Maybe a day away from the market will allow me the time to update the website, especially the lily page. Very few of the new lilies have been featured. If you would like to see some of the new varieties, stop by the facebook page for a look. (click the like button if you're so inclined as well) See you next week, Sharon
Happy 4th! Here's some Floral Fireworks.
June 30th, Despite the insanely hot weather, I do plan on being in the market this weekend with 20 beautiful varieties of lilies. Come early for the best selection since I'm not planning to stay terribly late. Til then, Sharon
June 23rd, I got caught up in the clouds while contemplating the second longest day of the year. What a beautiful evening. This week, like last, I have a beautiful selection of Oriental lilies; 22 colors in all. There are salmons, yellows, several whites, blush, raspberry, reds and several pinks. I'm sure I have a color to suit your needs. See you tomorrow, Sharon
June 9, Hello all. Despite the rainy forecast, I will be in the market on Saturday. This week I will have 18 different varieties of lilies. Where else could you find that many colors? Stop by to see for yourself, Sharon
June 2, I didn't think that I would get to post this evening, yet another night without power; the wind has been fierce. This is a very exciting week for lilies. I have 15 different varieties in all, though not in large supply. There are three very different white ones. If you want to know which will be best for your situation, just ask, I'd be happy to explain the differences to you. I also have the Conca's, Aloha, raspberry and two different red/yellow ones. I also have several different pinks, a blush and a few deep red. I'm sure I left something out so stop by and be surprised! See you later, Sharon
May 26th, The Dutch lilies have begun to bloom! I will be in the market this weekend with several long lost varieties. Along with the Conca's, raspberry and blush pink, you can now find the vanilla scented ones, Moonbeam (the huge white ones) and the Aloha variety. See you tomorrow with a full selection of fragrant lilies
May 18th I will not be in the market this weekend. Happy Spring to all of us! It was a truly wonderful tulip season, thank you all. I'm sad that they have come to an end but relieved as well. Some successes, some failures but all in all, I'm proud of the beautiful varieties we brought to market. Feel free to post if there were varieties you particularly loved or even if something didn't perform well in your home, it helps when I'm choosing varieties for the coming season. As they say in baseball, wait til next year! I've already started making preliminary selections for the coming season -- like a kid in a candy store. This weekend will be spent planting my own garden, looking forward to the first blt of the season. Hopefully each of you will be enjoying time with friends and family this weekend. See you next weekend, Sharon.
April 27th,  Hello All, Just getting ready to load the truck now. I will be in the market with tulips, hyacinth and lilies this weekend. See you there, Sharon
April 14th, A beautiful day is in store and I will be in the market. This week I will have all varieties of hyacinth. Tulips are still in bloom and you will find ones that look like peonys and poppies along with several fringed varieties. I will also have some of the dark chocolates, Rembrandt's, and several parrot varieties. For you traditionalists, you can find some of the egg shaped types in assorted colors. Not to be outdone, I have an excellent selection of lilies! See you tomorrow, Sharon
Rain? Who cares, I've got tulips! March 31st, I will be in the market this weekend, rain or shine. I have many gorgeous tulip varieties, hyacinth and a full selection of lilies. See you there, Sharon
March 24th, I will be in the market today with tulips, hyacinth and lilies; hope to see you there! Sharon
March 17th, Just a quick note to let you know I will be in the market this Saturday with all varieties of tulip, hyacinth and lilies. See you tomorrow, Sharon.
March 10th, Just a quick note to let you know I will be in the market tomorrow, with every tulip imaginable! I have three parrots, an orange, a pink and yellow and a purple and green. In peony flowering varieties I have soft pink, raspberry, magenta, soft yellow, and the red poppy-like ones. There are fringed varieties, spiders and so many more. Surely there is one for every sensibility. The variety is equally astounding for lilies. Look for Conca, two whites, soft pink, magenta, burgundy, cherry pie, and creamsicle. I'm sure I missed one or two. You can also find a beautiful assortment of hyacinth. See you tomorrow, Sharon.

March 4th, Can't get away for a trip to Holland? Well come to Union Square this Saturday instead! This weekend I will have tulip varieties that you would normally have to cross the oceans to see. There are several colors of the peony flowering varieties, some fringed - including an incredible double fringed one. I will also have some of the purple rembrandts and the black ones. These are anything but the standard "Easter egg" tulips though I do have a few different colors of those too. Make sure your check out the parrot tulips, there is and incredible orange, pink/yellow and a purple one. I will have hyacinth in all colors, including the duckling and creamsicle varieties. Not to be outdone, I have as much variety to offer in lilies, 10 colors in all. There are several deep reds, whites, cherry pie, yellows, raspberry, blush pink and the citrus scented ones. Rain or shine, don't miss the opportunity to bring Spring into your home. See you tomorrow, Sharon

February 18th, No time for more than a quick post tonight, I'm still cutting and bunching your flowers. This week I will have several new tulips, most especially, my favorite, the poppy flowering tulip. The hyacinth selection is excellent and I have also made some of the mixed bunches of hyacinth and tulip. I will have a few non-fragrant white lilies and a full selection of the fragrant orientals, See you tomorrow, Sharon
February 11th, I WILL BE IN THE MARKET TOMORROW. After laboring for hours over the decision, I've decided to come down. Should the weather prevent me from making it all the way, I will repost in the morning. This week I have added a few varieties of tulips to the winter line up. 5 colors in all, including a butter colored peony flowering one and a beautiful NEW Rembrandt tulip in purple and white streaks. In lilies I have whites, yellows, a deep red, cherry pie and two raspberrys. All perfect for your favorite Valentine. I will also have all hyacinth colors, including a few mixed tulip and hyacinth bunches. Bud bunches will also be available. I am bringing only a few amaryllis but I do have several varieties in shades of red. I will probably be leaving early tomorrow, so come early! See you then, Sharon.  

February 4th, I will be in the market this weekend with amaryllis, paperwhites and daffs (at least for another couple of weeks.)  In lilies I will have the two-toned yellows, whites, deep red, two types of raspberry along with the white and yellow with the citrus scent. The hyacinth are in full bloom and all colors are available. I've also made up a few of the tiny delights bud bunches so stop by for a taste of Spring. See you tomorrow, Sharon
January 28th .....Is it Spring Yet?     It is at Fiori!

Finally, the weather is good enough to come to the market! I am pleased to say that I will be in the market this weekend; I've been away long enough to really miss it! This week I will have the first of the HYACINTH in shades of blue, pink, white and purple. They really are spectacular. I will also have a nice selection of lilies, some of the largest I've offered (due to the cold, slow growing season.) As though this were not enough, I also have beautifully potted amaryllis, paperwhites and daffs....the perfect cure for a long dreary winter. Hope to see you tomorrow, Sharon


January 21st, Well this winter is shaping up like last winter. Last January the weather did not allow me to attend a single market. This January is not looking so good either. I will not be in the market again this week end due to weather. Hope to see you once again next Saturday. Sharon


January 14th, Once again I will not be in the market. This week the weather will be keeping me away. The temperatures promise to be too cold, especially with the wind chill, for you to have any hope of getting your flowers home alive. Keep your fingers crossed for warmer weather next weekend. Sharon


January 7, 2012 Due to a death in the family, I will not be in the market this weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience, Sharon


December 31st, New Year's Eve, I will be in the market. Hopefully the weather will hold as predicted. I will be down with a full selection of Amaryllis along with both paperwhites and "daffs." Lilies are still scarce so preorder if you need any. See you tomorrow, Sharon.


December 23rd I've labored over the decision all day, it is done, I will NOT be in the market tomorrow. The weather took a turn for the worse and it will be too cold for you to get your flowers home alive for the bulk of the day. This is the time of year that I truly understand the challenges of selling in an open air market - bad weather, no market. Know that I am hoping that each of you savour the season and enjoy health and prosperity throughout the coming year! Sharon.


December 16th I've been graced with good weather again this weekend. This time of year I never know frigid temperatures will keep me from coming down. Who knows what next week will bring weather wise! This week, however,  I will  be in the market with no less than 12 unique and beautiful varieties of Amaryllis, all beautifully potted and ready for gift giving. I will also have a nice assortment of lilies, though not too many so come early. The little 'daffs' and paperwhites are also still in season, perfect for your holiday table. See you tomorrow, Sharon.

Saturday, December 9th. So sorry I haven't written in a while, the Holidays are very busy, both on the farm and at school. This week I'm pleased to say I have an absolutely amazing collection of Amaryllis! The Dutch amaryllis a beginning to come into bloom. The early bulbs came from the southern hemisphere but they simply don't compare to the Dutch bulbs. I have double whites, reds and a gorgeous double salmon color. All are beautifully potted in either classic clay or choose from a wide selection of decorative pots to include a season birch and many ceramic varieties. All are ready to go for gift giving or a perfect addition to your Holiday table. I've also introduced the 'vintage garden' collection that feature vintage planters paired with amaryllis. Be looking for this collection in the future, filled with spring bulbs. You will also find paperwhites and some of the early 'double daffs' potted both in clay and handmade wooden boxes.

I was so excited about the amaryllis I nearly forgot the Oriental lilies. I have a nice selection though not many of each. I will have two different yellows, both whites, a magenta, the citrus and vanilla scented ones and cherry pie. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, it will just have to be a surprise. Hope to see you tomorrow, Sharon.

Wednesday, November 23rd. I will not be in the market today. Have a wonderful Holiday and see you on Saturday. Sharon


November 19th, 2011 Well this is the last hurrah for the L.A. Hybrid lilies, I will have some of the beautiful orange speckled ones, a few of the copper and the bright yellows. In fragrant Orientals I will have two whites, blush, raspberry, and cherry pie. I will also have two different golden yellows and the citrus and vanilla scented varieties.


The new additions this week are in potted plants. I have the earliest of 'sunny' daff's which resemble a paperwhite and carry a beautiful fragrance. A bundle of pom pom flowers arise from each stem with a couple of stems emerging from each bulb. The amaryllis are gorgeous as usual and potted beautifully for gift giving or gracing your own Holiday table. See you tomorrow, Sharon


November 12th, 2011 Hello all, it promises to be a beautiful day at the market and I will have a beautiful assortment of flowers. The Oriental Lilies are just gorgeous; the cooler days of fall allow the stems to stretch and the buds to get so large! I will have the Conca's, baby duck, citrus and vanilla scented, purple ribbon, two whites, blush pink and a few of the large raspberry ones. I will also have the full selection of the unscented, brightly colored, L.A. Hybrids. The Amaryllis are in full swing and I have many varieties potted beautifully in unique pots as well as clay pots. Stop by and take a look, see you tomorrow, Sharon.


November 5th, 2011 One week away from the market and I must say I almost went into withdrawal. You get so used to spending a day doing one thing, the market, that you're totally thrown off when that's taken out of the mix. This week I have a beautiful selection of the fragrant Orientals to include two yellows, white with yellow centers, purple ribbons, two whites, blush pinks, and the magenta ones to name a few.  This week is the beginning of the exotics in amaryllis. I have some very beautiful sonatini amaryllis, potted in a brick colored 'ledge' pots, perfect both for a window sill or the center of your table. I also have a few of the red and white amaryllis in the tin pots. Perfect for gift giving or your holiday table. Along with this you will find many of my unusual varieties potted in natural clay pots. I will also have six varieties of the colorful L.A. Hybrid lilies this week. See you tomorrow, Sharon


October 29, 2011 Hello all, I just wanted to let you know that I will not be in the market this weekend. The weather up here promises to be too difficult. See you next weekend, Sharon


October 22, 2011 I tried to post a bit earlier this week to let you folks know that I won't have many Orientals this week; if you need something, it would be best to email me in advance. I do have some whites, Conca's, white with yellow centers, purple ribbon, and raspberry edged in white. I may have a few others that come into bloom before market time. What I lack in Orientals, I more than make up for in colorful L.A. Hybrids. I will have two different reds, one with speckles and the other very deeply colored and without speckles. I will also have the copper, yellow, orange and the citron ones. This will likely be the last week for the colchicum as well. Luckily, the Amaryllis are beginning! I have two new varieties this week, a double petaled white and a double petaled, striated pink to add to the red and white streaked variety I brought down last week. As its a bit slower for me this week, I had time to sift through some great youtube videos of time lapse photography of flowers. I posted a new page. If you want to see what your flowers do when you're sleeping or not at home have a look. Truly amazing. See you tomorrow, Sharon


October 14, 2011 All the exciting colors of fall are here! This week I have all of the non-fragrant, L.A. Hybrid lilies. Intense yellows, reds, citron, and my personal favorite, the orange with deep red speckles. The exciting news this week is that the first of the sonata Amaryllis are ready, beautifully planted in pairs and covered with moss. Each of the bulbs give at least two stems of blooms to create an arrangement that lasts nearly a month! I nearly forgot to mention the Orientals. I don't have many but those I have are exceptional. This is the time of year that the lilies like best; cool, slow growing conditions allow them to stretch and develop the biggest buds.  I have Conca's and Baby Duck for yellows, 2 different whites, cherry pie, purple ribbon candy and the bright magenta. I also have of both of the uniquely fragranced lilies, the vanilla and citrus scented ones. Hope to see you tomorrow, Sharon.


September 24th, 2011 Based on the ominous weather report, Saturday promises to be a very long day. Hopefully, there are a few of you out there that need some flowers to brighten your home and chase away the dreary blues that come with the rain. Thankfully, the cooler weather has slowed the lilies somewhat. I will have a few of nearly all the varieties. There are 2 yellows, 2 whites, a blush, raspberry and the new one this year, purple ribbon candy. I will also have a few cherry pie, creamsicle, the vanilla scented lily along with the white with the yellow center with the wonderful citrus scent. As the summer lily trials wind down, I am nearing the end of the bud bunches. I will have a few this weekend. Because of the weather I did not make many mixed bunches this weekend either. A new batch of colchicum, the autumn crocus, are ready and I will be bringing a few of these along too. This week I will also have all five colors of the non-fragrant L.A. Hybrid lilies. See you tomorrow, Sharon.


September 10th, 2011 Hard to imagine this week being worse than the last, but it was. The storm that barely hit us last week, came back with a vengeance this week. The past two days, I've looked around at my own community to see nothing but devastation. The roads are flooded on both ends, my own backyard is filled with water to the barn. The 100 year flood struck once again with only 5 years in between. We have gotten by, no loss of life, my home still stands and I am deeply thankful. Enough of my trials, I'll keep it brief. This week I will have 14 different oriental lily varieties. There will be a couple of yellows, several different pinks, magenta and the creamsicle.  I will have a full selection of the LA's. Non-fragrant but beautifully vibrant colors. This week I will also have some colchicum bulbs, the autumn crocus. These are the amazing little bulbs that survive and bloom with no water and no sun. They require nothing but for you to watch and enjoy. See you tomorrow, Sharon.


September 3rd, 2011 Branches down, power outages, it has been a week to remember! My vegetable garden took the brunt of the storm, flowers and vegetables mercilessly heaved from the soil. Your lilies, however are true perfection. I culled those too open from the loss of my cooler. This week I have no less than 14 very different varieties, though again, not in large quantities. I have 3 very different yellows, 2 whites, 2 pinks, raspberry, and the coveted creamsicle. This week I will also be offering the first of my L.A. Hybrids. These are the non-fragrant lilies in the electric fall colors. To begin the season I will have the chartreuse and deep red varieties. See you in a few hours, (its 11:30 now, I'm just getting ready to load the truck!) Sharon

August 27th, 2011             NO MARKET THIS WEEKEND!!

Sorry to say, the Mayor has shut down all of the markets for both Saturday and Sunday while you all prepare to get blasted. Stay safe, be extra mindful of your surroundings. I'll see you next week. Sharon



August 20th, 2011 Just wanted to let you know that I will be in the market tomorrow. A few lilies have come into bloom finally, though very much in short supply. See you tomorrow, Sharon

August 13th, 2011 Hello all, I'm sorry to say that I will not be at the market this weekend. I messed up, so much for the learning curve! I do not have enough flowers to come to the market. Timing is everything and this week I missed the boat. Fortuitous in many ways, however. This week I have report cards to do for my kids at school so I've no lacking for things to do.

Tonight I spent my first Friday by the river in a very long time. It seems odd not to be scurrying about making the many preparations necessary to come to market. This week I was given the gift of time. Time that I did not know I would have to spend any way I wished. I got to enjoy the river pass lazily by, the rabbits frolicking in the pine alley and the bald eagle on his nightly errands. Time is most valuable to me when I don't know about it in advance since that knowledge compels me to fill it in some productive way.

Here's hoping that you all have a perfectly non-productive, perfect weekend. See you next week, Sharon.


August 5th 2011 Well, I've made it through the worst of the heat and I still have many beautiful lilies to show for it! I will have all of the "mainstays," Conca, whites, blush, cherry pie and the beautiful raspberry ones as well. Many of the other varieties will also be available, though in smaller quantities. I will also be offering a purple/lavender lily with a white stripe down each petal, I will try to take a picture but I don't know if I'll have time tonight. If you are a biweekly buyer of my lilies, you might want to consider making this your week. I do not know if I will be down next week as there is a small gap in the production. The "natural world" does not always cooperate with our desires. See you tomorrow, rain or shine, Sharon. 

July 23rd Well, as you can see, I still haven't had any time to devote to the new lily page. I thought it was difficult keeping it warm enough for the flowers in the winter, but it simply doesn't compare to trying to keep it cool enough in the summer. You can always throw "another log on the fire," but I haven't found anything that can quickly cool things off. The heat from the past two weeks has been unbearable for me, intolerable for the lilies. To give you a little insight, if it is 85 degrees outside it is likely 100 in the greenhouse. That said, the 95+ degrees we've been experiencing lately have wreaked havoc! The best I can do is to water the floor every 1/2 hour and hope for the best. Rest assured, you will not see any of these flawed lilies in the market, They are currently gracing every flat surface I have in my home if they don't land directly in the mulch pile.


I will have a few of all of the lily varieties this week. I am traveling very light this week due to the expected heat extremes. If you wanted a specific variety, I would suggest an email reserve to ensure you get what you want. If any one of my beautiful lilies will do, stop by and pick what suits your fancy.


I will also have a new plant tomorrow, the "pineapple lily." It's leaves are sword like in green with black speckles, beautiful on its own for certain, but it has a multitude of purple spike with the surprising aroma of shaved coconut! See you tomorrow, Sharon

July 9th I've posted a picture of the new lily, hopefully the color will show true. It is so difficult to get an accurate picture of a red/raspberry flower. This one of the many "trials" I will be doing over the Summer. This time of year I do small quantities of unique varieties as sort of a test run. If a lily can perform reasonably well in the heat of the Summer, it will do beautifully during the rest of the year. Your feedback for these varieties is especially helpful now--just email me.

I'm working on a new page for the website, 'Are you buying the right lily?" I take for granted some of the insight that I have gathered about displaying lilies and choosing the correct variety for your needs. While many of you stop to ask me which variety would perform best in your situation, I'm sure as many of you don't have the time to chat. This page is for you. I will be adding to it regularly as things occur to me so check often. I'll see you tomorrow with all your favorite varieties of lilies, Sharon


July 2, 2011 Once again, I write way too late. I thought I had made a post last week but apparently I did not hit 'publish,' so much for the computer impaired!

This week I have a brand new variety of lily, a beautiful two-toned  raspberry with a deeper center. I've not had them in my house yet so the scent I can't judge. I will have all of your favorite lilies, perfect for your holiday party. See you tomorrow, Sharon

June 11th 2011 Well it has really slowed down for me, the tulips and hyacinth are gone, save for the few in mixed bunches this week. I will miss them but I can really use rest! Now I have to devote some time to my own garden. The plants are in, I'm just hoping I can get the fence up before the critters find it.

This week is filled with lilies, many new varieties along with some old favorites. I have the vanilla and citrus scented ones along with the more traditionally scented flowers. This week I will have two different whites, two yellows, a deep red, cherry pie and creamiest. There are also a few different blush pinks. This is the time of year that I trial new varieties, in small quantities, to see what I would like to do for next year. Keep your eyes peeled for a few surprises. See you tomorrow, Sharon

May 27th Believe it or not, I still have several beautiful varieties of tulips. This week, the hyacinth are sparse but I do anticipate having several colors ready for next week. I will have the tulip and hyacinth mixed bunches though, perfect for a bar-b-que decoration or gift. This week I will have no less than twelve DIFFERENT varieties of lilies. If you're not sure which one will be perfect for your occasion, just ask. At first glance, it may seem as though you're looking at two "yellows" but each have very unique characteristics, each perfect for their own event or non-event as it may be! Cherry Pie, is in bloom, along with two yellows, reds, and the blush pink. This week I also have the "moonbeam" lily. Perfection in white, this is the lily that all the brides will be insisting on. As gorgeous in bud as it is in bloom, this is the largest white lily to be found with a fragrance that can't be beat. Stop by this Saturday to see the many other varieties that I have to offer. 'Til tomorrow, Sharon.


May 21, 2011 A very sad time of year, Spring has barely come onto the scene in my neck of the woods but the tulips are coming to a close. This week I will have several different red varieties, including the parrot and poppy flowering ones. I will have all colors of hyacinth but in much smaller quantities.The end of one thing marks the beginning of another. New lilies are finally coming into bloom. Along with the Conca's, I will have whites, two different blush pinks and both of the beautiful reds. New this week are ones you haven't seen in some time. I have a gorgeous butter yellow with a red star center, unique for its subtle vanilla scent. Creamsicle and Baby duck, the large upright solid yellow have also staged their return.  

May 14, 2011 What a difference a week makes; last week, no time to write, this week the tulips are winding down. Warmer weather forced many of the tulips into color much before I would have liked, spring is truly here. I still will have many of the varieties you have come to love, but in much fewer quantities. This week there will be hyacinth in all colors as well as a great selection of lilies. See you in the morning, Sharon.

April 30, 2011 Here we are, already at the end of the month, no time to think of time during tulip season. This week I was very distracted by all the things going on at the farm, it has been very difficult to keep to my work rather than my camera. Maybe after the tulip frenzy dies down, I will post some new pictures. The fox family has been very active with three kits to keep them busy. Since last I wrote, we have had two days of sun, the greenhouse reached nearly 90 degrees. The remainder of the week was all rain in one form or another. The river spilled its banks making a pond of what was just a marshy area. I have had birds of all kinds stopping to visit.

The flowers come on very quickly now. You can't hold them back once warm weather hits, even the tulips in the yard are coming into bloom. This week I will have all varieties of lilies. After the gap in production, this is much welcome. The tulips are equally diverse, though fewer. There are six varieties of the double "peony" flowering ones, including the brilliant purple ones. I will have hyacinth in all colors, blink and they will be gone before you know it! Getting late, see you tomorrow, Sharon.


April 23, 2011 Hello all, not much time to write. Still cutting and preparing. I will be in the market rain or rain (shine,) ...not much chance of "shine" predicted, however. I will have many varieties of lilies including the yellows, raspberry pinks (my fav,) white with yellow centers, blush and a few whites. I will have a few of most of the varieties you have seen throughout the season. The perfect color is sure to be among them. I have also made a few of the mixed spring bunches. If it is fragrance you desire, you can choose from a rainbow of hyacinth. See you tomorrow, Sharon

April 16, 2011 Warmer days have given way to lilies once again! This week I will have the beautiful large yellows, whites, blush and the white and yellows with the beautiful citrus scent. Tulips are ready in all varieties, including the red  "poppy" formed tulip and the magenta "peony" one. As you know, you can always count on all colors of hyacinth. This week has been a lovely one on the farm, many of the birds have returned and are jockeying for the best nest positions. The perennial gardens awaken with each day. Spring, a wonderful time to be alive! See you tomorrow, Sharon.


April 9, 2011 Well, it's official, I will be at Union Square on Saturdays from here on in. As I mentioned last week, I am very short of lilies this week. The cool, cloudy weather that is so wonderful for tulips, has slowed the lilies to a crawl. While Spring has reached much of New York, it is slow to come up by me! I will have a few pink lilies and the white with yellow centers. The tulips are another matter, the weather has been created the perfect conditions for tall, stately tulips. I have a color for every sensibility and, as always, a new one to add to the line up. For those of you who love the "peony flowering" tulips, this is the prize. I almost can't find a description for the color of purple this tulip is but it's nearest to the color of a French lilac. Radiant and bright. Naturally, I will have the hyacinth in all colors, including the "baby duck" and creamsicle varieties (my personal favorites.) See you tomorrow, Sharon


April 2, 2011 I will be in the market on Saturday this week. Come early if you are looking for lilies, it looks as though these will be the last for a week. I am in between crops and won't have many at all. I am bringing a few of both the reds, the raspberry, a few white, the citrus scented white with yellow and a few of the big yellow ones. This is the season for tulips of all kinds, however. I will have every color under the sun! The mixed Spring bunches have proven so popular that I've made quite a few. There were not enough lilies this week to make many of the "tiny delights." As always, I will have all colors of hyacinth. This week I will be moving to a new spot so look for me in front of the Pavilion, across from Barnes and Noble. See you tomorrow, Sharon.

March 25th 2011 Just a short note to let you know that I will have everything I had last week in the way of flowers, just much less of it. Due to the cold temperatures, I am packing light. I thought winter ended last week. New for this week is a red parrot tulip, along with the sherbet colored and pink ones. See you tomorrow, Sharon.

March 24th I will be in the market on Saturday this week. I will post tomorrow with availability. I will let you know that I will have several colors of parrot tulips. til tomorrow, Sharon


March 19th, 10:26 pm. I'm not even going to try to go to sleep tonight. I never realized how much work it takes to get ready for a market. I will have another glorious batch of tulips for you this week. I will be bringing  many of the same varieties from last week along with a new parrot tulip, the colors of sherbet! In lilies there are all colors including whites, yellow, two reds and two different blush pinks. This week I will be offering mixed bunches of lilies, tulips and hyacinth, all vase ready. The hyacinth selection is complete with both pinks, blues, lavender and those very special "baby duck" and "creamsicle" ones. I'm sorry I have no pictures of these beauties, I just haven't had the time. See you in a few hours, Sharon 


March 11, 2011 Well, once again, I'm getting to bed way too late. With so many different varieties of tulips to cut and bunch, the nights are getting much longer. I will have a great selection of peony and parrot tulips along with a new one this week, a retro looking HOT PINK, FRINGED tulip. I will have all colors of hyacinth, including the much sought after 'creamsicle' and 'baby duck' varieties. As always,you can find lilies of all colors, a yellow, three different reds, two blush pinks, and the enormous white with yellow centers. Time to go, I'll be up in couple of hours to make the long, three hour journey to bring your flowers. See you tomorrow, Sharon


March 10, 2011 Hello all, just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I will be in the market on Saturday this week. I will post tomorrow to let you know what I will have. Sorry for posting so late tonight, I just got my power back. We seem to have a lot of outages up here. Sharon


March 5, 2011 Well its quite late and I'm just now getting to the website, cutting tulips takes up so much of my time. Well, as promised, I will have a gorgeous selection of tulips this week. Not a lot of each variety, but a lot of VARIETY. To begin with, I will have several types of peony blossoming tulips, you know, the multi petaled ones. I have a red one that looks like a poppy, pink blush and the beautiful tall yellow ones. The first of the fringed tulips are in as are the PARROTS. There are also hyacinth of all colors, including the rare baby duck yellow and creamsicle. It has been an equally fruitful week for lilies too, you're sure to find your favorite color! I told you as time went on I would be much less wordy, that didn't take long did it, its time for bed. See you tomorrow, Sharon.


Hello All, Just wanted to let you know that I will be in the market on Saturday this week. The overnight temperatures are much too low for me to attend tomorrow. I will post Friday night with the varieties that will be available. I will say that I have an incredible selection of TULIPS. 

This was the entire month of January, filled with sad but beautiful flowers that didn't make it to the dance!


February 23, 2011. So you think you can make the jump from farmville to farm? Well, I've got news for you! This ain't Farmville! Similarities? Some, you do indeed need the help from a lot of family and friends to be successful in Farmville or on the farm, but that is where the similarities end! IT IS ALWAYS SUNNY IN FARMVILLE and you always get paid for everything you grow! No one told me this wasn't how it really worked. On the real farm, the temperatures dip below 0, frequently, it rains and snows on market days, and you throw a lot of beautiful flowers into the compost pile. I missed every market in January for poor weather. I'm adjusting, I didn't know that I would have to calculate for so much loss or learn to deal with the frustration of having beautiful flowers ready but not being able to bring them to market.  As I grade and bunch the flowers that I am bringing to you at the market, I have learned to cull those less than perfect. Needless to say, my home is continually filled with the marginal flowers that just didn't make the cut. Typically, you can find me at the Union Square Greenmarket on Fridays, for a time, Greenmarket is graciously allowing me to come to the market on Friday OR Saturday until the weather clears up a bit. You can check this space (on Friday) or you can email me directly to see which market I will be attending for the week. That said, I am entering a very exciting time of year, TULIP SEASON! While the lilies are gorgeous year round, there is something about a tulip that goes beyond merely being a harbinger of Spring. The season starts off slowly with a few of a few varieties and then explodes with color and unique form when in full swing. This week I will have the first of the double, "peony tulips" in a beautiful, buttery yellow.  I will also have a radiant orange variety and and one in the colors of a peach faced lovebird! Ahh, Spring is near!  This weeks lilies include a gorgeous new raspberry, Conca's, deep red, whites and a beautiful white with golden center. I'll have a full range of colors in hyacinth including pinks, white, lavender, wine and light and dark blue. (In Holland, they call what I would call purple, blue. The shade is more of a periwinkle in my opinion.)This is my first real entry on the 'news page' so forgive me for being a little wordy, I promise it won't be so as time progresses! Looking forward to meeting you this Saturday, Sharon.  


February 1, 2011. Well, its been a full year since I began this journey. I've been terribly remiss in not keeping you updated as to my progress. With a couple of snow days under my belt, I finally had the time to spend building this website. The past year has not been without challenge. Not enough time, too little money, the lose of loved ones has made this a year to remember, and not necessarily for the better. Through it all though, the flowers and the farm have kept me reasonably sane. I'll do my best, to keep you apprised herafter, to the ups and downs (hopefully mostly ups,) of growing your flowers and bringing them to the market.